JMI History Project

Over the next several months, JM International will be digging into our archives and together with JMI Alumni

lay the bricks of our "collective memory lane"

JMI invites you to celebrate 75 years of making a difference through music with us in 2020 & 21! ;)

What is the JMI History Project?

JM International (Jeunesses Musicales International) was founded on July 17th 1945, by Marcel Cuvelier (Belgium) and René Nicoly (France) in the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium.
Their aim was to unite the world's youth through music in the wake
of the Second World War, a mission that we continue until this day.

Now, as we celebrate our 75th anniversary, we are reaching out to the world to help us tell our remarkable 75 year story. We want you to share your JMI memories with us through images, quotes, music, videos and more. Were you at the first ever Ethno camp? Do you remember when the JM World Orchestra played on both sides of the Berlin Wall? Did JMI musicians visit your school when you were a child?


75 Years of Making a Difference Through Music

Access to Music

JMI believes in access to quality music for every child, to experience and engage in. JMI enables children and youth to develop through music across all boundaries.

Raising Awareness

JMI was founded on the values of bridge-building, bringing young people together - through music - exploring how humanity can exist in a more harmonious state.

Building A Community

Celebrating 75 years of making a difference through music, we remember those who have built the movement whilst paving the way for the next generation.


Founded in 1945

JMI is the largest youth
music NGO in the world


40K + Musical Activities

each year



7 million young people

each year

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